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Build Your Credibility and Managing Your Reputation

Credibility Is The Power You Need To Sell Yourself As A Professional and Develop a Positive Organizational Reputation.

Credibility is the new currency and wealth of all successful professionals and organizations. - Jessica LoRusso

Why Develop Credibility

Credibility is the catalyst of your influence and persuasion. Credibility can positively or negatively impact your career or organization. Credibility is the most significant element that you can cultivate that will make a dramatic difference to your profitability and overall success Credibility attracts people and opportunities, builds trust, and strengthens your influence and impact. to develop influence and impact because they run the risk of other individuals determining their credibility. It is critical that professionals and organizations alike take charge of their credibility. Taking charge of credibility is critical because they run the risk of losing control and others will determine your reputation and how valuable your are. Professionals and organizations must sell themselves and by presenting themselves as the best and correct choice. The good news is that credibility skills can be learnt and developed.

What can you truly accomplish without credibility and reputation?

Study Results: Source Webber and Shandwick

  • 81% of executives report that it is important for CEOs to have a visible public profile for a company to be highly regarded.

  • 51% of CEO's of organizations reputation is presence

  • 60% of an organization’s market value is attributable to its reputation.

  • 87% positive CEO reputation includes attracting investors

  • 83% positive CEO reputation creates positive media attention

  • Strong CEO reputation also attracts (77%) and retains (70%) employees.

Return on Investment

Positive Outcomes of Credibility Training

  • Strengthens your career, and your business by increasing sales and referral business

  • Customer Loyalty

  • Competitive Advantage

  • Reduction of time and energy in sales process.

  • Attracts customers and investors

  • Better Positive professional relationships

  • Directly linked to success.

  • Attracts and retain high quality talent

  • Strengthens the ability to demand a pay raise or charge higher prices

Testimonials & Recommendations

Canadian Blood Services Results

by Sheryl Chalmers

During an employee training day we had Powered Profit – Powered by Jessica conduct a two-hour presentation on Boost your Credibility The workshop involved a lecturette with learner participation through group work and activities. The purpose of the workshop was to learn more tools to improve customer services and employee communications. The results of the workshop for Canadian Blood Services are: 90% decrease in rudeness 100% Civil behaviors increase across the organization 90% Professional behavior has increased 90% Respectful behaviors and communications between staff has increased Improved communications include listening attentively to all individuals and better improved interactions with peers. Staff enjoyed the interactiveness of the workshop was wonderful. Staff enjoyed sharing their experiences and presenting to others. Three other benefits of the workshop are; staff are more prone to treat others how they want to be treated; more courteous interactions amongst employees, and staff appear to be more positive in the workplace. Would you recommend the workshop and why? Yes. It is an opportunity to hit the pause button in our work place interactions and focus on more positive interactions. Sheryl Chalmers Canadian Blood Services

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