A key concern and challenge that professionals and organizations face is strengthening and cementing believability, credibility and a positive reputation. Customers pay with their wallets and your credibility can grow your bottom line or let the bank account run dry. It will be a key factor sales and necessary for both business growth and profit. If you already have a strong track record behind you – and some glowing case studies and testimonials to show for it – then you’re in a great position. Unfortunately, with reputational believability your reputation and credibility is continuously in question as valid. Continuous methods of believability is required prove what you’re capable of, the type of results you can achieve and that you deliver on your promises. Individuals looking to work with you must feel that you are the best decision with them. Learn strategies to communicate your competence and expertise in your field using sales and marketing techniques to boost your bottom line and outshine and outsmart your competition.


Elevating your creditability when you do not have a strong connection with individuals or prospects who do not know your reputation or you believe your credibility. The solution is to boost, borrow and clearly define your credibility through various communication channels, along with various sales and marketing tools. How you convey your qualifications matters. If you have expertise, education, experience, or other qualifications that make you an expert in an area, find ways to reveal it without coming across as a braggart or conveying a sense of superiority to whomever you are communicating with. When audiences accept you as credible then you will have their attention and came now develop a stronger relationship or open doors to positive opportunities.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding professional credibility

  • Determining competencies as it relates to credibility

  • Practical professional credibility strategies

  • Motivating and influencing stakeholders

  • Improving the customer experience.

  • Discussing reputational and definite believably

  • Credibility competencies & Tools

  • Professional strategy

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Professional Credibility Introduction

    • Professional Credibility Introduction

  • 2

    Measuring Stakeholders

    • Measure Stakeholder Perception

  • 3

    Credibility and Leadership

    • Leader is Responsible

    • 5 Time-Tested Ways To Build Leadership Credibility

    • Ten Ways to Build Credibility as a Leader

  • 4

    Professional Credibility

    • Professional Credibility Introduction

  • 5

    Reputational Believability

    • Reputational Belivability

  • 6

    Customers and Credibility

    • Customer Credibility Part 1

    • Exercise Self Assessment Customer Expectations

    • Customers & Credibility Part 2

    • Business Reputational Assessment

  • 7

    Monitoring Relational Believability

    • Monitoring Relational Belivability

  • 8

    Definite Believability

    • Definite Believaility

  • 9


    • Competencies

    • Definite Believability Competency Worksheet

  • 10

    Customer Perspectives

    • Customer Perspectives

    • Customer Definite Believability Worksheet

    • Definite Believability Strategies for Gaining Credibility

  • 11

    Credibility Strategies

    • Credibility Strategies

  • 12

    Credibility Tools

    • Credibility Tools

    • Create Your Action Plan Definite Beleivability Worksheets

  • 13

    Advantages of a Strong Reputation

    • ROI


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Jessica Lorusso

Canada's Leading Expert on Credibility, and Industry Leader Development Credibility Expert Jessica LoRusso leads the way to a new era of credibility management. Jessica LoRusso urges professionals and leaders to take charge of their believability, credibility, and reputation. She cautions professionals and leaders to develop influence and impact because they run the risk of other individuals determining their credibility. Jessica LoRusso states that “Credibility is the new currency and wealth of all professionals and organizations.” Professionals and leaders must sell themselves and by presenting themselves as the best and correct choice. The good news is that credibility skills can be learnt and developed. Jessica has a background is business development, she is a Credibility Trainer, Industry Leader Training, one in 12 Master Civility Trainer worldwide, Culture Coach, Children, and Youth Trainer, Professional Speaker, and holds a memebership and is certified through the International Civility Trainers Consortium. Learn More about Jessica LoRusso

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Elevating your credability when you do not have a strong connection with individuals or prospects who do not know your reputation or you believe your credibility.

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