Holding yourself to a higher standard gives way to ;more opportunities..Mastering these credibility skills will help to open doors of opportunity that have previously been shut. Develop credibility skills that strengthen, lift and grow your success in the new world of work.

In a world of continuous bombardment of communications and unrelenting competition how does one stand out. Further the development of positive relationships and growing ourselves professionally is increasingly more difficult. Using behaviors to influence is one of the powers of credibility and is possibly the ultimate source of advancement in anyone's professional life and growth of their organization. Mastering these credibility skills will help to open doors of opportunity that have previously been shut.

"Credibility is the new currency and wealth of all professionals and organizations."

Jessica LoRusso


  • Professional Credibility Standards

    Learn 16 professional credibility standards or a credibility code of conduct is a fundamental guide and reference for professionals in supporting evaluations and choosing the best outcome.

  • Mitigate Credibility Sabotage

    Identify behaviors that reduce believability and sabotage that destroys your credibility and reduces reputation. Discover strategies and tools to reduce and overcome sabotage.

  • Enhancement Skills

    Recognizing core believability skills that enhance your credibility and provide a catalyst for a positive reputation.

  • Transformative Credibility

    Develop your transformative power of credibility. Support the credibility behaviors that communicate principles through their credibility standards connecting them with ethics of professional conduct.

  • Communicate Believably

    Utilizing your credibility standard to communicate trust and connectedness. Influence others by building stronger bonds.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Standard Orientation

    • What is Credibility

    • Professional Standards Introduction

    • 5 ways to increase your business and personal credibility

    • Never Lower Your Personal Standards. Never!

    • In Business Your Reputation Is The Only Currency That Matters

  • 2

    Perceptions Matter

    • Perceptions Matter

    • perception quiz

    • What is Perception?

    • Selective Attention Test

    • Perception Is Not Reality

  • 3

    Professional Standards Introduction

    • 16 Standards Introduction

    • Definitions

    • Standards Chart

  • 4


    • Integrity Standard

    • The True Meaning of Integrity

    • What is Integrity?

    • Ethics Defined: Integrity

  • 5


    • Humility Standard

    • How Humility Will Make You the Greatest Person Ever

  • 6


    • Reliability Standard

    • What is Reliability?

  • 7


    • Purpose Standard

    • The ‘Why’ Behind Our Work: What Is ‘Purpose,’ And Do We Need It?

    • What is the difference between purpose and meaning?

  • 8

    Prosperity Thinking

    • Prosperity Standard

    • Carol Dweck: A Summary of Growth and Fixed Mindsets

    • Growth Mindset vs. Fixed + Key Takeaways From Dweck’s Book

    • Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

    • Developing a Growth Mindset with Carol Dweck

  • 9


    • Repair Standards

    • P.M. Forni, author of "Choosing Civility."

    • Workplace incivility and its consequences

  • 10


    • Nourishing Standards

    • TNScale-Albrecht Quiz Nourishing or Toxic

    • Civil Conduct

    • SocialIntelligence-BBR

    • What Is Social Intelligence? Why Does It Matter?

  • 11

    Results of Expectations

    • Results of Expectations Standards

    • The Psychology of Expectations

  • 12


    • Mastery Standards

    • How To Gain Mastery And Become World-Class At Anything


    • Robert Greene on Mastery | Full Address | Oxford Union

  • 13


    • Responsibility Standard

    • Are You Responsible for Your Company's Reputation?

    • Reputation, Relationships, and Responsibility

    • Employees and their responsibility to protect company reputation

  • 14


    • Action Standard

    • How to Take Action: 12 Habits that Turn Dreams into Reality

    • Get Motivated By Learning the Importance of Taking Action

    • Take Action To Start Accomplishing Your Goals In Life

  • 15


    • Associations

    • You Are The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With

    • The Five People Who Determine Your Success

    • 10 Reasons Why Networking Is Essential For Your Career

    • What the Best Mentors Do

  • 16


    • Consistency Standard

    • The Fastest Way to Lose Credibility

    • Why Consistency Is The Key To Successful Branding

    • Power of Consistency: 5 RulesAre you stopping short of the finish line? Consistency is the difference between failure and success. Here's why

  • 17


    • Consideration Standard

    • The Science of Kindness

    • The power of kindness | Orly Wahba

    • Importance of Courtesy in Business Communication

    • The Importance Of Common Courtesy In Business Emails

  • 18


    • Composure Standard

    • Composure Staying calm but focused is an underdiscussed key to career and personal success

    • Professionalism: How Exceptional Leaders Maintain Composure and Why It's Important

    • What To Do When You Lose Your Composure

    • 7 Ways Practicing Composure Leads to Success

  • 19


    • Consequences Standards

    • Reputation and Its Risks

    • Reputation_Dividend_WEC_133_Cole

    • deloitte-uk-reputation-matters-june-2016 (1)

  • 20

    Is It Ethical

    • Is it Ethical

    • New Links for Reference

  • 21

    Believability Sabotage

    • Sabotage

    • Believability Sabotage Self Assessment

    • Words and Phrases that Can Sabotage Your Credibility

    • Are These Two Behaviors Killing Your Credibility?

    • These 13 Bad Speaking Habits Are Killing Your Credibility

    • Dunning-Kruger Effect

    • The Dunning-Kruger Effect Shows Why Some People Think They're Great Even When Their Work Is Terrible

    • The Dunning-Kruger Effect - Cognitive Bias - Why Incompetent People Think They Are Competent

  • 22

    Choosing Credibility

    • Choosing Credibility

    • Credibility Characteristics

    • 16PROF~1

    • What is Credibility


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Jessica Lorusso

Canada's Leading Expert on Credibility, and Industry Leader Development Credibility Expert Jessica LoRusso leads the way to a new era of credibility management. Jessica LoRusso urges professionals and leaders to take charge of their believability, credibility, and reputation. She cautions professionals and leaders to develop influence and impact because they run the risk of other individuals determining their credibility. Jessica LoRusso states that “Credibility is the new currency and wealth of all professionals and organizations.” Professionals and leaders must sell themselves and by presenting themselves as the best and correct choice. The good news is that credibility skills can be learnt and developed. Jessica has a background is business development, she is a Credibility Trainer, Industry Leader Training, one in 12 Master Civility Trainer worldwide, Culture Coach, Children, and Youth Trainer, Professional Speaker, and holds a memebership and is certified through the International Civility Trainers Consortium. Learn More about Jessica LoRusso

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Mastering these credibility skills will help to open doors of opportunity that have previously been shut. Now that you know what the credibility standards are you can start to develop your skills immediately. The credibility skills you have strengthened will lift and grow your success in the new world of work.

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