Confidence enables individuals to strengthen their resolve and help conquer their objectives with more energy, determination and focus. Confidence skills resulting in prosperous relationships, quality work and a feeling of connectedness. Confident individuals control their own emotions and behaviors more responsibly. More importantly confident individuals are more successful because of their ability to make and impact and influence others. The good news is that confidence is a skill that can be learned.

Confidence in the workplace.

You may know everything about your service, product, your industry, and the competition. You may even have many years of experience. But professional success is an inside job. Your Professional success comes down to believability in yourself and the perceptions of others who you work with and your customers. The question is - How can you cultivate the energy behind resilient confidence necessary that you need in various workplace situations and winning with clients? Right Now is the time to break down those internal obstacles that prevent you from achieving your goals and winning at work. Invest in yourself develop the necessary confidence skills for you to Win at Work

Learn the skills necessary that communicate confidence in both your personal and professional life.

Strengthen Your Confidence Outcomes

  • Develop resiliency

  • Help conquer objectives with more energy, determination and focus. text

  • Trust you, to make decisions that benefit you.

  • Strengthen connectedness and develop prosperous relationships

  • Believe in your skills and abilities

  • Reduce the stress and pressure of flawlessness

  • Establish a positive thought process

  • Reduce the emotions of anger, shame and guilt

  • Break Old Patterns, Form New Habits

  • Build credibility and authority

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Understanding Confidence

  • 3

    Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

    • Maslow's Introduction

    • Expanded Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Video

    • Expanded Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, Human Needs, Self Actualization, Humanistic Psychology

    • Confidence & Maslow

  • 4

    Most Important Decision

    • Most important decision

    • Most important decision

    • Negative vs Positive Universe Exercise

  • 5

    Benefits of Confidence

    • Benefits of Being Confident

  • 6

    Thoughts Matter

    • Negative Thoughts & Imposter

    • Impostor Syndrome self assessment

    • Fake it -Make it

    • Fake it -Make it

  • 7

    Four Key Elements

    • Four Key Elements

    • Four Key Elements - Success Picture Exercise

  • 8

    Low Confidence

    • Low Confidence

    • Red Flags

  • 9

    Develop Your Confidence

    • Develop your confidence

    • Strategy 1-Best Friend

    • Credibility & Confidence STRATEGY 1 Exercise Be Your Own Best Freind

    • Strategy 2-Limiting Beleif

    • Confidence Strategy 2 Exercise

    • Strategy Confident Communication

    • Stategy 3 - Confident Communication

    • Strategy 4 - BODY Part 1

    • Two minutes can change your life.

    • Strategy 4 Part 2

    • Strategy 5 Failure as a dress rehersal

    • Strategy 5 - Resilency after failure handout

    • Strategy 6 Your Top Five

    • Strategy #6 Your Five Best

    • The Power of the People Around You

    • Strategy 7 Mange your outlook

    • Strategy 7 Success Picture Explaination

    • Strategy #7 Creating your Success Picture

    • Strategy 8 Change

    • Strategy 9 - Many Baskets of eggs

    • Strategy 10 - Stand up

    • Strategy 11- Make a Friend out of rejection

    • Strategy #12 Postive Role

  • 10

    Solidify your Confidence

    • It's a Process


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Jessica Lorusso

Canada's Leading Expert on Credibility, and Industry Leader Development Credibility Expert Jessica LoRusso leads the way to a new era of credibility management. Jessica LoRusso urges professionals and leaders to take charge of their believability, credibility, and reputation. She cautions professionals and leaders to develop influence and impact because they run the risk of other individuals determining their credibility. Jessica LoRusso states that “Credibility is the new currency and wealth of all professionals and organizations.” Professionals and leaders must sell themselves and by presenting themselves as the best and correct choice. The good news is that credibility skills can be learnt and developed. Jessica has a background is business development, she is a Credibility Trainer, Industry Leader Training, one in 12 Master Civility Trainer worldwide, Culture Coach, Children, and Youth Trainer, Professional Speaker, and holds a memebership and is certified through the International Civility Trainers Consortium. Learn More about Jessica LoRusso

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Confidence is not something people are born with – it's something you must learn and practice. Building confidence strengthens your credibility that influences others and underpins your positive reputation. Individuals tend to admire a confident people and look to them for inspiration, motivation and authority.

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